How to track your partner’s location secretly?

We all understand that anything may happen in life. Your spouse’s phone might one day vanish in a blink of an eye, taken by a small-time criminal. The worst could be your affectionate partner has become cols and is seeking comfort in the arms of another woman/man.

First, why do you want to hack into your partner’s Cell Phone?

If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions on your mind. How can I find out where my partner’s phone is? How can I locate my partner’s phone secretly? What do I do to locate my partner’s phone?

Everyone has the desire to monitor their partner’s phone, where sometimes you become a spy when overthinking hits you. But come to think of it are your reasons valid or even worthy of consideration? By eavesdropping on your partner’s phone, you are potentially violating their rights to privacy, which are generally guaranteed to every person.

However, there are a ton of legitimate reasons someone could want to monitor their partner’s phone, and we will mention a few of them below:

  • For your protection: The world is a somewhat scary place. You are not alone in wanting to take extra precautions to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

  • Catch unfaithful spouse: While this isn’t a legal cause to spy on your anyone’s phone, it is acceptable. It can be quite traumatizing and distressing to consider that your partner might be cheating on you. As a result, some just turn to spies to know the truth, confirm their suspicions, or assuage their anxieties.

  • To locate a stolen phone: We’ve all had the terrifying experience of losing our phones at some point in our lives.  Because of this, you might feel the need to track your partner’s phone to make sure it never truly disappears.

Find Your Partner Right Now

Before you find out your partner’s location, it is important that you make your phones ready and avoid dead batt, always use a power bank like this mirror power bank. Trying to find out where your spouse is without spending any money? Modern technology has made it possible for you to achieve this quickly and effortlessly without exhausting yourself. Here’s what to do:

Android-based devices

Google’s Find My Cellphone tool makes it simple to locate your partner if they are using an Android device. To begin with, you can go to on a computer and sign in with the same Google Account that is connected to your spouse’s phone.

However, there is a backup option if you are not close to a computer. To find the phone, utilize another Android device if you have one. Install the Find My Device app, then log in. Google will start tracking your spouse’s phone as soon as you log in.

When the phone is shut off and not connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network, you won’t be able to track it until it is turned on again.

You may lock, wipe, or play a sound on the device using the Find My Device feature, which is a benefit. The disadvantage is that once the tracking procedure is activated, Google notifies the target phone of the tracking. So, if secrecy is important to you, this might not be the greatest course of action.

iOS devices

It’s easy to follow your husband’s iPhone if you want to do that too. The Find My iPhone software allows you to monitor the phone’s location. The steps are as follows:

  1. Just log in to iCloud.

  2. Click “Find iPhone” after opening Find My iPhone.

  3. See its location of it on a map.

  4. You can entirely wipe it or mark the device as lost if it goes missing.

How can you anonymously track where your partner’s phone is?

We suggest giving a try if you’re seeking an easy way to find out someone’s phone number whereabouts secretly. Regardless of the mobile network operator, the location of any mobile phone number may be found using the cell phone tracker website

What is the finest aspect of Localize? You can track a phone number’s position from your mobile phone’s browser in a few easy steps as it’s a website rather than an app, so neither you nor your husband needs to download it. What else? Your significant other won’t be aware that you are spying on them because of the website’s encryption of your data.

But how does it work properly? Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to track someone using their cell phone number on

1. In the website’s blank section, type the phone number you want to track. The user will receive an SMS from asking for their consent to track their location. Additionally, you can edit the wording that will be sent to your husband through the website.

2. Wait until the recipient reads the geolocation SMS and consents to being watched.

3. Get access to a map showing the location of the cell phone number.

However, using Localize requires paying for a subscription plan; it is not free. However, there is no need to worry because the payment plan is affordable.


There is nothing wrong in knowing your partner location. However, invading privacy is not recommended, so you must know your limits when it comes to these kind of things to avoid any legal actions to be done to you.

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