10 Things Not To Do in Hong kong

Hong Kong is a city with more going on than you can possibly imagine. There are a few things you should be mindful not to do among the many things you could do there. If you remember these things now, your journey should be enjoyable and seamless.

Things you should not do in Hong kong

Here are some recommendations for visitors to Hong Kong from our knowledgeable travel consultants. Allow us to make your vacation enjoyable and to steer you away from issues.

1. Don’t visit Hong Kong at the wrong time of year

During the busiest time of year, Hong Kong could be crowded . If you want to have a relaxing and enjoyable trip to Hong Kong, it’s crucial that you avoid the worst time to travel there. The greatest time to travel is from October to the following March, when the weather is ideal for sightseeing.

Try to avoid July and August because this is typhoon season, with heavy rain. These months won’t be filled with fantastic experiences for you.If you don’t want to deal with crowds, skip the Spring Festival (late January to February), Labor Day (May 1-3), and National Day (October 1-7). 

In addition, there will be a large number of Chinese tourists over the summer. If you can’t avoid the high season, make sure you book your tickets and hotels ahead of time.

2. Don’t limit your shopping to malls

Visit a street market, like the Stanley Market in Hong Kong Island or the Temple Street Market in Kowloon, to observe what the locals are interested in.

Alternately, stroll through certain specialized marketplaces like the “flower market,” “sneaker market,” or “bird market,” where you may find a variety of intriguing items from Hong Kong residents’ daily life.

There are many malls in Hong Kong, but it does not mean that you must only shop there. Go local when you can. Square Street, Tai Ping Shan, and Chateau Zoobeetle all have a ton of retail space. These stores will be affordable and provide you with a glimpse of the way of life there. Remember to bargain.

3. Don’t forget to buy an Octopus Card

If you plan on using the MTR frequently, obtaining a small Octopus Card might save you time and make travel more convenient. These tiny plastic debit cards are available for purchase at Central boat ticket offices, metro station ticket machines, or for any amount you require. These are returnable to the same stations and ticket offices for a full refund of the 50 HKD cost and any unused cash.

4. Do not violate laws

The most crucial rule to abide by is listed here before we conclude our list of things to avoid doing in Hong Kong. Chinese people have a reputation for punishing minor offenses severely. So abide by the rule and do not let words or flesh get in the way. Always carry your country’s embassy or consulate’s phone number on you.

5. Don’t visit Hong Kong during golden week

You may be asking, “What is Golden Week?” It is one of two national Chinese holidays observed during the first week of October. During this week, Hong Kong has an extraordinary influx of Chinese tourists, which drives up hotel costs. Visit during the off-season or after Golden Week, but not in the middle.

6. Don’t carry too many cigarettes


If you smoke, be careful in Hong Kong. You aren’t allowed to carry a whole pack of cigarettes because the legislation states that you can only bring 19 cigarettes or 1 cigar into Hong Kong. If you transport too many smokes, you could be subject to a two-year prison sentence and a maximum fine of 1 million HKD (about 128 thousand USD). It is not a joke.

7. Don’t smoke in public

The majority of public spaces in Hong Kong—including streets, stores, malls, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and transit vehicles including buses, the MTR, and ferries—forbid smoking. In Hong Kong, smoking is only permitted in designated areas found in shopping centers or tourist attractions, or next to garbage cans with ashtrays. You could face a fine of roughly 5,000 HKD for smoking in a no-smoking location (about 800 USD).

8. Don’t be a snail

Hong Kong residents walk and move quickly. Avoid walking slowly and blocking anyone’s path because doing so will upset the natives. Try to mimic the speed and demeanor of the local populace whether at restaurants or on public transportation.

9. Don’t just shop and eat

Visit locations like Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbor, and Avenue of Stars during the day to learn more about Hong Kong’s 6,000-year history, and at night, enjoy the Symphony of Lights. The History Museum, The Art Museum,, and The Museum are three renowned institutions that you should not miss.

10. Don’t stand on the left

When you are walking anywhere in Hong Kong that includes escalators or a moving walkway or sidewalk, remember to stand on the right and allow others pass you on the left.

People find it exceedingly annoying when people block the left side of the sidewalk, and it’s always a dead giveaway that you’re visiting from out of town. Simply say “mm goi” to someone standing on your left to signal a courteous request for them to relocate.

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