5 Tips for Domestic Helper Contract Renewal in Hong Kong

domestic helper contract renewal

As a domestic helper in Hong Kong, renewing your contract can be daunting and stressful. With so many regulations and requirements to follow, it can be hard to know where to start. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to make your domestic helper contract renewal as smooth as possible.

We will cover everything from understanding the renewal process for both Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers, step-by-step guidance on gathering and submitting required documents, key differences between Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers’ renewal processes, smart renewal services that are available, what to do in case of a change in employer, and common concerns related to contract renewals. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to navigate through the renewal process with ease.

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Table of Contents

Understanding the Contract Renewal Process for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Renewing the contract is crucial for the employment rights of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Mutual agreement between the employer and the helper is necessary, involving the submission of required documents to the immigration department. Understanding the process ensures a seamless extension of stay, maintaining the helper’s legal status.

Understanding the Basics

In Hong Kong, domestic helpers typically sign contracts for two years. When the contract nears its end, there are a few options:

  1. Renewal: You and your employer agree to continue working together for another contract term.
  2. Termination: If either party decides not to renew, it means parting ways once the contract ends.

Importance of Timely Contract Renewal

Ensuring the continuity of the domestic helper’s employment rights, and timely contract renewal is crucial to avoid disruption in immigration status and legal work eligibility. Delays can impact residential address, financial stability, and the ability to work legally in Hong Kong.

Consequences of Delayed Contract Renewal

When contract renewal is delayed, the domestic helper’s immigration status and employment contract validity may be compromised, impacting their ability to stay and work legally in Hong Kong. Failure to renew on time can also result in challenges with extending the stay application.

5 Tips for Domestic Helper Contract Renewal

Initiating the Renewal Process

If you and your employer want to renew the contract, start discussing it around two to three months before the current contract ends. This gives both parties time to negotiate terms, such as salary adjustments, days off, or any other conditions important to you.

Negotiating Terms

When it comes to negotiating, communication is key! Make sure to discuss any changes you wish to propose respectfully and clearly. Whether it’s about salary, duties, or living arrangements, be open and honest about your expectations.

Remember, Hong Kong’s Standard Employment Contract (SEC) outlines the minimum terms and conditions. But certain terms, like higher salary or additional benefits, can be negotiated beyond the SEC. Keep in mind that both parties need to agree on any changes before finalizing the contract.

Legalities and Documentations

Once you’ve settled on the terms, it’s time to document the renewal. The Immigration Department of Hong Kong requires a new contract to be signed by both you and your employer. Ensure that the contract complies with Hong Kong’s labor laws and includes all agreed-upon terms.

Considering Alternatives

Sometimes, despite efforts, both parties may not reach an agreement for renewal. In such cases, it’s essential to prepare for the possibility of finding a new employer or exploring other opportunities. Ensure your visa status aligns with your plans, and seek advice from relevant authorities or organizations if needed.

Seeking Assistance

If you’re unsure about contract terms, negotiation strategies, or your rights, there are numerous resources available. Organizations like the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions or Mission For Migrant Workers offer guidance and support to domestic helpers in navigating contract matters.

Step-by-Step Guidance for Filipino Domestic Helpers Contract Renewal

Guidance for renewing the contract involves understanding and gathering essential documents. Filipino helpers must submit them to the immigration department for a smooth process. This ensures an extended stay in Hong Kong without disruption.

Gathering and Signing the Necessary Documents

Filipino helpers must gather and sign the required documents including the current employment contract and proof of the employer’s financial position. This step is crucial for the renewal process, ensuring all documents are signed by the employer and submitted to the immigration department.

Submission of Documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department

When renewing, Filipino domestic helpers must submit the necessary documents to the Hong Kong immigration department. Proper submission is vital for the renewal process, which includes the existing contract. This step is critical for renewal.

Receiving the Processed Visa and Final Steps

After the submission of documents, foreign domestic helpers receive the processed visa from the immigration department. This finalizes the renewal process, allowing them to continue working legally in Hong Kong. Once the visa renewal process is completed, the helper can confidently proceed in their new contract.

Procedure for Indonesian Domestic Helpers Contract Renewal

Understanding the renewal process is crucial for Indonesian domestic helpers to ensure a seamless extension of their stay in Hong Kong. The process involves the preparation and notarization of a new employment contract, followed by submission for continued employment rights.

Preparing and Notarising the Contract

As part of the renewal process for Indonesian domestic helpers, the new employment contract must be prepared and notarized correctly. This step is crucial to ensure the extension of stay and continued employment rights in Hong Kong. The correct preparation and notarization of the new contract are essential for a seamless renewal process.

Applying for a Visa at Hong Kong’s Immigration Department

As part of the renewal process, Indonesian domestic helpers finalize their stay extension by applying for a visa at the Hong Kong immigration department with the new contract and required documents. This marks the last step in their contract renewal process.

Processing and Visa Release

The visa release process varies depending on the domestic helper’s employment contract, handled by the immigration department. Crucial elements include required documents, office hours, and understanding the process timeline for successful application submission, ensuring accurate supporting documents for visa extension processing.

Key Differences Between Filipino and Indonesian Domestic Helpers Contract Renewal

Understanding the specific requirements for Filipino and Indonesian contract renewal is crucial as terms differ based on the domestic helper’s nationality. Financial position verification fees, process timeline, and immigration department’s office locations may also vary.

Comparison of Documentation Required

Verification of documentation for contract renewal varies by nationality, including Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers. The process entails different supporting documents, verification fees, and financial positions. Understanding these requirements is crucial for a successful renewal application submission.

Overview of Process Timeline

Understanding the renewal process timeline is crucial for a successful contract renewal application. The timeline varies for Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers, affected by their nationality and financial position verification fee. Additionally, being mindful of the immigration department’s office hours is essential for a smooth renewal process.

Smart Renewal Services for Domestic Helpers

Understanding the advantages of smart renewal services is crucial for foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. These services streamline the process, offering convenience and assistance, with an efficient application process and online submission.

What are Smart Renewal Services?

Smart renewal services offer technical assistance to domestic helpers during the contract renewal process. By understanding the process, helpers can smoothly navigate the smart renewal service application. The user-friendly application process and online booking services make it convenient and efficient. Utilizing these services minimizes the hassle of contract renewal.

Benefits of Using Smart Renewal Services

Simplifying the contract renewal process for domestic helpers, smart renewal services offer efficient online submission, reducing complexities. They provide helpful FAQs and technical assistance, streamlining the application process.

What to do in Case of a Change in Employer

Understanding the legal responsibilities and implications of contract termination in case of a change in employer is crucial. The process requires a mutual agreement between the domestic helper and the new employer, along with proper proof of the employer. The immigration department’s office hours are also essential for this process.

Procedures for Contract Termination and New Contract Initiation

The immigration department is involved in the process of contract termination and new contract initiation. Understanding legal implications and responsibilities is crucial. Proper proof of employment and required documents are essential. Initiating a new contract requires the domestic helper’s travel document and proof of employment. Submission of supporting documents to the immigration department is necessary.

Legal Implications and Responsibilities

Both the domestic helper and the employer carry legal responsibilities during contract termination. Understanding these implications ensures a smooth process and mutual agreement. Initiating a new contract requires the domestic helper’s travel document, proof of employer, and adherence to immigration department requirements.

Common Concerns About Domestic Helper Contract Renewal in Hong Kong

Ensuring all required documents are in order makes the renewal process smoother. Mutual agreement on contract terms is crucial for both parties. Understanding the application process and required documents is essential for a successful renewal.

Is it Possible to Renew a Contract without Going through an Agency?

Renewing a contract without an agency’s assistance is possible by following the immigration department’s guidelines. The process involves the online submission of supporting documents and payment of the visa fee. Seeking technical assistance from the department can provide further information on the renewal process.


When should I start discussing contract renewal with my employer?

It’s advisable to start discussing contract renewal around two to three months before your current contract expires. This allows ample time for negotiations and finalizing the terms.

Can I negotiate the terms of the contract during renewal?

Yes, you can negotiate certain terms of the contract, such as salary adjustments, days off, or additional benefits. Both you and your employer should agree on any changes before finalizing the renewed contract.

What are the minimum requirements outlined in the Standard Employment Contract (SEC) for domestic helpers in Hong Kong?

The SEC sets out minimum terms and conditions for domestic helpers, including salary, food, accommodation, rest days, and more. It’s essential to ensure that your contract complies with the SEC while negotiating additional terms.

Is it possible to renew my contract for a shorter duration than the standard two years?

Yes, it’s possible to negotiate a contract renewal for a shorter duration if both you and your employer agree to the terms.

What if my employer doesn’t want to renew my contract?

If your employer decides not to renew the contract, it’s crucial to prepare for the transition. You might need to seek a new employer or explore other opportunities aligned with your visa status.

What steps are involved in renewing the contract?

Renewing the contract involves discussing terms, negotiating, reaching an agreement, and then documenting the new terms in a contract signed by both you and your employer. Ensure compliance with Hong Kong’s labor laws and Immigration Department requirements.

Can I seek assistance or guidance during the contract renewal process?

Absolutely. Various organizations, such as the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions or Mission For Migrant Workers, offer guidance and support to domestic helpers in navigating contract matters. You can seek their assistance for advice and clarification.

Are there any restrictions on the number of contract renewals I can have?

There are no specific restrictions on the number of contract renewals. However, it’s essential to be aware of your visa status and the duration you’re allowed to work in Hong Kong based on prevailing immigration regulations.

What happens if there is a breach of contract during the renewed period?

If either party breaches the terms of the renewed contract, it may lead to legal consequences. It’s crucial to understand and abide by the agreed-upon terms to maintain a positive working relationship.

How can I ensure a smooth contract renewal process?

A smooth contract renewal process involves clear communication, understanding your rights, preparing in advance, and seeking guidance when needed. Approach negotiations respectfully and ensure all agreed-upon terms are documented in the contract.


In conclusion, renewing the contract of your domestic helper in Hong Kong is an important process that requires careful attention and adherence to guidelines. Timely renewal is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any legal consequences. Whether you employ a Filipino or Indonesian domestic helper, each process has its specific requirements and timelines. It is essential to gather and sign the necessary documents, submit them to the Hong Kong Immigration Department, and follow the steps until you receive the processed visa.

Additionally, consider utilizing smart renewal services to streamline the process and enjoy the benefits they offer. If there is a change in employer, be aware of the procedures for contract termination and new contract initiation, along with the related legal implications and responsibilities. Finally, address any common concerns you may have about the renewal process to ensure a successful and hassle-free experience.

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