The Best Domestic Helper Agency in Hong Kong 2023

domestic helper agency in hong kong

With maid-related tragedies getting more rampant over social media and traditional media, picking the best domestic helper agency has become more important than ever. Fortunately, with technologies available you can minimize and even avoid having such incidents. With the help of these technologies and some tips and other people’s experiences, you’ll have an easier yet more accurate calculation and basis for choosing.

What is a domestic helper agency?

A domestic helper agency, as defined by the law, is any agency that provides, or attempts to provide, employment by placement of domestic help in private homes. Domestic help, or domestic service meanwhile, refers to the employment of hired workers by private households for the performance of tasks such as house cleaning, child care, cooking, gardening, and many others.

5 factors to consider when choosing a domestic helper agency

When choosing a domestic helper agency, it is important to consider the following factors to minimize or avoid problems or irregularities in the future.

1. Accredited

First off the list is the accreditation of the domestic helper agency. This will ensure that you are transacting with a group or agency that complies with the laws and regulations of the country. Accreditation of a maid agency assures compliance to high-quality standards and its commitment to continuous quality improvements.

2. Transparent and Secure

A transparent and secure maid agency will give you peace of mind as this ensures accountability on their part. Do not engage with agencies that refuse to show their accreditation documents, as this might mean that they are not letting you know something important. These important details include your helper’s rights, their proposed salary, the helper’s working conditions, the qualities they look for in a helpr to hire, and many more. These are important since this will ensure that the helpers get the best working conditions and that you get the most qualified and best screened for the job they are about to take. 

To make sure that you get the best of this criteria, check the agency’s online popularity through reviews. See what other current and even previous clients say about the services they provide.

3. Reasonable Fees

When picking the best maid agency, make sure that they  offer a price that is considerably fair for those transacting– the agency and the employer. Beware of those who offer prices lower than usual. This could serve as a red flag that they are forcing the domestic helpers or secretly adding hidden costs in the hiring process. In the long run, this could be a problem to  both the employer and the domestic helper.

Since you are going to spend in the process, it is best to make sure that every dollar is worth the price and do ont settle for something less. 

4. Fast and Personalized Matching

Once you have already evaluated that your standards for the helper are realistic and mandatory, you will need to discuss these with the domestic helper agency. The agency should discuss with you their process in matching and tell you other details such as how long it will take to find one for you, the terms and conditions, among others. Keep in mind that agencies mostly do not have control over the processing time. Therefore, consider it a red flag if the agency promises unrealistic and impractical processing time. 

Depending on the home country of the helper, it can take a minimum of 6 weeks up to 12 weeks for an entire processing time to take place– from contract signing to document submissions to the immigration office, medical exam, visa release, and finally to the notarization. With the pandemic-related regulations still in place, the process might take longer so patience partnered with constant follow-up with the agency is one way to get ahead of the game. 

5. Professional Training

Housekeeping needs differ from one household to another, and therefore require various sets of skills. This is where training of the helpr plays a vital role. Make use of social media  and the internet to see reviews from clients of your target maid agency. Good reviews are indicators of excellent services they offer. If you can ask the agency during discussion, ask what training and certifications their qualified helpers go through. This will ensure that the helpers are regulated and thoroughly monitored before being sent to households and performing their duties. If the maid provided to you is efficient and skilled, you are sure to have the best services. 

5 Best Domestic Helper Agency in Hong Kong

Putting the mentioned factors into consideration, the following agencies can best help you in your search for the best helper.

1. JollyHelper 

JollyHelper is a domestic helper agency in Hong Kong that has a lot of offices nationwide. They proudly banner their database of 200,000+ profiles of potential maid hires. They offer help through technologies to maids and employers without having to go through the traditional process of hiring. 

With the help of JollyHelper’s Smart Employment System, employers can scan through the helper profiles and other job information. Their system also enables the employer to track the processing time in hiring. Their low-cost and highly efficient system allows employers to search, shortlist and interview candidates (live)  for the helper job. Employers can do all these without extra charges.

Despite the profiles being displayed on the website, JollyHelper still promises confidentiality through secure sockets layers that keep information solely to the owner of it. 

Registration is free. There are NO commission fees and placement fees. You can leave them a message to get the full price quotation for your desired package.

2. Domestic Helper Agency Hong Kong (Fair Agency)

Domestic Helper Agency Hong Kong has gained the trust and recommendation of many employers. They even have several awards to support their claim of being one of the best domestic helper agencies in Hong Kong.  

This domestic helper agency in Hong Kong utilizes Full Placement for those who want to have a helper for the whole family. Employers can choose whether they want a Filipino or Indonesian Helper.

Full placement service for aFilipino domestic helper costs HKD$13,500 while processing for an Indonesian helper costs HKD$18,000. Each hiring package comprises different employment screening and processes such as medical examination, visa processing, and many more.  Additional charges and fees apply if the helper will be processed from overseas.

3. Arrow Employment Services

Arrow Employment Services takes good care of employers and helpers alike. This agency considers the cross-cultural aspect of this sort of communication. In line with that, they instruct the helpr as well as the employees on how to best communicate with each other.

An employer searching for helpr may be helped by Arrow Employment Services in three ways– browsing through their helper profiles, calling them, or leaving them a message. They assure that they look for three important qualities in their helpers– character, competency, and communication. On top of that, they look for applicants who have a helper history abroad and who have competency in newborn care.

The service charge is around HKD$3,500 to HKD$9,100. No placement charge and no placement fee is needed.

4. WEcarehelpers Employment Agency

WEcarehelpers’ online database of helpers offers a wide array of Filipino and Indonesian helper candidates. They offer hands-on help for employers both online and offline. The smae  help is offered to the helpers who want to look for a job.

WEcarehelpers’ website offers links to the instructions needed from both parties– the employer and the helper. They can easily access this vital information and contact the agency should any concern arise.  Topics and instructions include the hiring process, renewal process, documents checklist, training and workshop, sending feedback about the employers, extending your visa, and many others.

Hiring an overseas Filipino maid would cost HKD$15,800 while hiring an overseas Indonesian maid would cost HKD$18,800. This excludes the TESDA accreditation fees (for Filipinos only) and the COVID-related regulation compliance like the RT-PCR.

5. Helper Place

HelperPlacewas established in 2016, aiming to provide a professional and fair recruitment environment. They also aim to reach out to as many helpers as possible and help them not to be recruited by the illegal agencies. Their database of potential employees include not just helpres but also drivers. They promise assistance for a seamless process of communication between the helper and the employer.

Helper Place promises to cut out the middleman in the process and aid the potential helpers to avoid modern slavery and debt bondage, As they charge no fees from the part of the helper, their only goal is to improve their lives and promote compassion between them and their employers.

No placement fees for helpers. Direct hire would cost HKD$300 to HKD$500.


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