20 Superb Domestic Worker Courses and Training in Hong Kong 2023

20 Superb Domestic Worker Courses and Training in Hong Kong 2022

Training for a domestic worker course is necessary not only as a job requirement but also as a means for improvement. Choosing the best courses for domestic workers can be daunting, but here are some tips to alleviate the stress.

What are the compulsory domestic worker courses in Hong Kong?

Oftentimes, foreign employers get to know their domestic helper better through the training they get. This means that your training can get you a feather in your cap in your application. Both will require an applicant to pass the assessment set by the agencies before they get certifications needed to acquire a job. Also, both will have different fees upon processing.

  • Philippine

As for the Philippines, Domestic Worker NC II Certification is the most common and highly-recommended. This certification is approved by the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Earning the certification from the said agency is essential to get the PHilippine Embassy’s notarization of helper’s contracts.

  • Indonesian

For Indonesians, a 600-hour education and skills training is mandatory. Aside from the skills, this domestic worker training educates the applicants about the culture of the country she is going to work in. 

Are domestic help training courses eligible for financial aid?

  • Compulsory

Philippines’ TESDA offers scholarships to its students. One simply needs to submit papers and check the notable dates for submission of required files. Certain conditions apply upon availing the scholarship and entails responsibilities on the part of the student.

  • Non-compulsory

As of writing, there is no data as to availability of  financial aid for non-compulsory courses for domestic helpers.

20 Best domestic workers training courses in Hong Kong

Skills improvement has been seen as essential by many employers now. It is the reason why many employers enroll their helpers in classes. Below has summarized 7 most popular types of courses for your easy reference:

  1. Cooking and Menu Planning
  2. Cleaning and Home Management
  3. Newborn and Child Care
  4. Practical First Aid and CPR
  5. Language and Vocational Development
  6. Personal Finance Management
  7. Sports and Wellness

1. Cooking and Menu Planning

Cooking Classes by Ensemble Co-Creating Space

This domestic worker course is designed to teach basic skills in preparing family meals. Participants will learn basic cooking principles, food safety, and kitchen etiquette. 

Cooking Classes by SuperHelper

Open for both beginners and advanced learners, these cooking classes teach participants to prepare 3-4 full meals. They will also learn the basics of kitchen management, hygiene and cooking guides.

  • Duration: 8 sessions; one session per week
  • Student intake: 10 students max. each class.
  • Tuition Fee:  HKD500 per class. Choose the 8-week package and avail the 15% discount
  • Location: 36A Island Road, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Western cooking and Kitchen Management by YWCA

This course is based on Western cooking and Kitchen management.

Participants will learn how to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They will cook meals (baked desserts and snacks included)  and taste each and get notes as well. Certificates are awarded  once the course is  completed.

  • Duration: 6 classes to be held for 3 weeks or 1 day courses also
  • Student intake: Maximum 10 students per class for the 6 classes course and maximum 12 students for the one day classes.
  • Charges: $3000-$3120 for 6 classes and $470-$510 for the one day classes
  • Location: 3/F No 1 Macdonnell Road, Central, Hong Kong
  • Website:

2. Cleaning and Home Management

My Organized Helper by Clutter Free

This domestic worker course covers housekeeping skills such as laundry problems and solutions, organizing the closet, and organizing the refrigerator.

  • Duration:  1 to 3 sessions
  • Student intake:  small groups
  • Tuition Fee: HKD 350 for one session, HKD650 for two sessions, HKD 900 for three sessions
  • Location: 8 Finance St, Central, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Home Management Workshop by SuperHelper

Application for domestic helper in Hong Kong demands that one is skilled in home management. This is where SuperHelper’s Home Management Workshop comes in handy. You’ll get training on how to read manuals and labels in appliances and giving eco-friendly solutions to daily cleaning issues at home.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Location: 36A Island Rd. Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Effective Parenting for Young Children by Parenting Dialogue

Sessions from this company aims to help parents as well as domestic helpers to understand children, raise their self-esteem, and help them develop emotionally and socially. There are also workshops for parenting to teens, where there are longer sessions. You may also avail a private session to learn these skills.

3. Newborn and Child Care

Childcare Course by Matilda International Hospital

Domestic helpers will be provided with knowledge on how to care for children aged 0-12 months. They will be assessed through a multiple-choice assessment. Lessons will include common infanthood diseases, domestic hygiene, child communication and play, and many others.

 Babies and Beyond Workshop by Annerley 

This workshop is ideally for couples, but would also be beneficial for domestic helpers who’ll be in charge of newborn babies. It will cover topics such as medical treatment in labor and birth and baby care for the first days at home,

  • Duration: Four group sessions, two hours per session
  • Tuition Fee: HKD 4900 per couple
  • Location: 19/ F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 25 Wing Wo Street Central, Hong Kong
  • Website:
CPR Course for Babies and Toddlers by BEST First Aid

This course is designed to teach participants the difference of dealing properly with child emergencies compared with adults. Their courses have flexible designs to fit scheduling and training needs as well as short notice one-on-one courses.

  • Duration: Flexible schedule
  • Tuition Fee: Depending on session to take
  • Location: 5 Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong,
  • Website:

4. Practical First Aid and CPR

First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation by Hong Kong Red Cross

This program aims to gear individuals aged 15 and above knowledge  to be able to provide appropriate first aid to victims. The sessions will cover all notable injuries such as bleeding, unconsciousness, burns and scalds, as well as bone, joint and muscle trauma

  • Duration: 30 hours training  and 3 hours examination
  • Student intake: 16 to 30 students per class
  • Tuition Fee: English medium of Instruction– 350 per head for individual application, 400 per head for group application (consisting of 16 people)
  • Location: F, Run Run Shaw Building, 19 Hoi Ting Rd, West Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Website:
First Aid Classes by YWCA

With their high-quality facilities and supplies, First Aid classes YWCA aims to provide practical knowledge of applying first aid to children.  The course will cover lectures and practical applications responses  to  heart attack, choking, spasm, and many more. Once passed, the certificate shall be valid for two years. 

  • Duration: 7 hours, full day
  • Student intake: 
  • Tuition Fee: HKD 940
  • Location: 1 Macdonnell Rd, Central, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Caregiver Certificate by Tenderheart Home Care
Tenderheart’s Caregiver training aims to prepare its participants to care for the elderly, hygiene,  infection control, meal preparation and feeding, Alzheimer’s caregiving and many others. 

 5. Language and Vocational Development 

Enrich Speak UP Course by Enrich

With the help of role-play exercises, Enrich provides training to boost the confidence of participants in communicating.In addition to this goal, the program also aims to raise awareness about the rights of a domestic helper in Hong Kong. Participants will also learn managing peer pressure and even family pressure in finances. 

  • Duration: 4 hours 
  • Student intake: No data
  • Tuition Fee: HK$30 for this 4-hour workshop or HK$150 for the full Enrich programme
  • Location:  1102, Enterprise Building, 228-238 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Caritas Asian Migrant Worker Assistance Project by Caritas Hong Kong

Services offered by Caritas Hong Kong vary, but mostly they are provided to raise awareness of the workers in Hong Kong and serve as a support group to those having difficulties in adjusting to the new lifestyle and other changes.

  • Duration: Depends on the program
  • Tuition Fee: Depends on the program
  • Location: G/F, Caritas Mutual Aid Centre For Single Parent Families, 28A Fortress Hill Rd, North Point, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Uplifters Personal Development Course by Uplifters

The course is composed of two modules. One of them focuses on developing communication skills and keys to a happier life.  The next one focuses on keeping track of your progress to achieve your goal. It also teaches one the discipline needed to achieve such goals.

 6. Personal Finance Management 

Money-Wise Migration by Enrich

The goal in this course is to equip learners with knowledge on planning their finances, their goals, and financial responsibility. They will also learn about the benefits of living within or below one’s means and the dangers of doing the opposite of that.

  • Duration: 4 hours 
  • Student intake: NO data 
  • Tuition Fee: HK$30 for this 4-hour workshop or HK$150 for the full Enrich programme
  • Location: 1102, Enterprise Building, 228-238 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Financial Literacy Program by Christian  Action Training Services

Having the goal of bridging the gap between employers and potential employees, Christian Action Training Services provide professional training. They are funded and monitored by the Employees Retraining Board.  They have self-enhancement courses and vocational training.

  • Duration:  No data
  • Student intake: No data
  • Tuition Fee: FREE
  • Location: 55 Clear Water Bay Road, Choi Wan (2) Estate, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Website:

7. Sports and Wellness

Free Yoga Classes by Andiappan Yoga Community

Offering yoga classes for free, Andiappan Yoga Community opens doors for those who want to relax and rejuvenate without spending too much. They can even train you to be a yoga teacher and lead your own yoga class.

  • Duration: 100 hours
  • Student intake: No data
  • Tuition Fee: FREE
  • Location: 801, 1 Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
  • Website:
Splash Free Adult Swimming Program

This swim program is intended for foreigners who want to learn how to swim but do not have much money to spend on swimming lessons. They offer a wide range of lessons, from those who have experience in swimming up to those who have none.

Taekwondo classes by United Taekwondo Academy of Hong Kong

This academy opens its doors to people of all ages, including adults. Their schedule suits domestic helpers best . Even beginners are welcomed here, so as long as they can commit to the time and skills demanded by the sport. 

With all these skills and schools, you will never really run out of options on improving your domestic helper’s skills. All it takes is a keen eye and determination to really learn the desired skills.


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