Tiktok Viral Philippines: People, Videos, Songs & Dances 2023

Tiktok Viral Philippines: People, Videos, Songs & Dances 2022
Since the pandemic-induced lockdowns started, many Filipinos turned to the internet to entertain and educate themselves indoors. One of the sites that offered this entertainment and education was Tiktok. In fact, many Tiktok viral videos are from the Philippines. From dance challenges to hilarious videos, Tiktok never ran out of entries which not only trended locally, but internationally as well. Let’s explore the different sets of videos that took Pinoy Tiktok by storm below: TikTok is not available in Hong Kong, but there is an easy way to install it wherever you are. The button below provides an apk that will help you install TikTok in Hong Kong easily.
TikTok viral Philippines

10 Most Viral Philippines on TikTok 

In this list, we’ll check out the top 10 most viral Philippines on Tiktok videos.

1. Tala Challenge

Popularized by pop star Sarah G. just before the lockdowns started, “Tala Dance Challenge rose to fame with its boppy beat and groovy dance moves that’s easy to follow for many Filipinos.  In fact, videos tagged under this dance challenge reached a whooping 216 million uploads in the latter part of 2020.

2. Catriona

Referenced from the Ms. Universe 2018 title holder, this dance challenge trended with its lines that make even ordinary ladies swoon. As one of the song’s lines says, “If heaven does exist, it’ll , most prolly look like her.

3. Marikit Dance Challenge

Another song that sounds like a serenading song to ladies, “Marikit” by Juan Caoile made it to the list of the Philippines most viral videos on Tiktok. Written in the local language, it appeals to more people with a message of adoration to a lovely lady. “Marikit” translates to “beautiful” in Tagalog.

4. Savage Love

“Savage Love” is a song by Jason Derulo that drew crowds of posts in Philippine Tiktok. Its easy steps match the beat well and can be done by anyone, regardless of age and inclination to dancing.

5. How I change

This challenge simply shows the “before and after” phase of a Tiktoker online. However, the appeal and variety posted on Tiktok made it trending for many. From a no-makeup look to gorgeous cosplay makeup and ready-for-date-night kind  of “awra,” there’s surely one How I Change video that would suit your taste.

6. Picture in Picture

Picture in picture somewhat holds a similarity with How I Change. The difference is that most videos feature a “from-crush-to-partner” kind of level-ups.

7. Psycho gone wrong

Make no mistake. K-Pop is a hot topic in the Philippines from girl boss and cute KPop girl groups to boy-next-door and dashing boy groups, Kpop would always take a spot in the most viral Philippines Tiktok. Psycho, a song popularized by Red Velvet spread like wildfire on Philippine social media due to its unique opening. And with that, one Tiktoker attempted to do a cover of it but apparently failed to hit the falsetto. Instead of it being something to be ashamed of, it went viral for its quirky vibe and later on became a famous track for Tiktok videos.

8. It really hurts

This line came from the song “Kabet,” which is loosely translated in Filipino as “mistress.” Basically, this song’s persona laments the fact that the addressee has another lover, leaving her as the second option. However, the dance steps to this viral Tiktok video takes a funny turn as it only involves a quirky facial expression and a little hip and leg movement.

9. Wipe it down

Inspired by the track “Wipe it Down” by BMW Kenny, this Tiktok viral Philippines video features people changing from one outfit to another, a little similar to “How I change”.

10. Enjoy At Home

As the name suggests, this trend features the variety of activities that people have enjoyed or are enjoying while staying at home. Video entries range from simple mundane tasks to unique, out-of-this-world (but guaranteed safe) activities.

10 Most Viral TikTok Videos in Philippines

Now, we’ll go down the top 10 most viral Tiktok videos in the Philippines. These are about anything under the sun that garnered many views, earning spots as Tiktok viral Philippines videos.

1. Red Light, Green Light

The chant and giant doll used for one of the games in the series Squid Game were heard and seen in a famous mall in Metro Manila. With this set up, many people took the opportunity to see how it feels like to be in the game and follow the game mechanics too.

2. Tom Holland paper cutting art

Filipino artist Noel Quidlat’s paper cutting art also took Philippine Tiktok by storm as it featured the face of the ever-famous Spiderman, Tom Holland. 

3. Conn sharing organizing hacks

Tagging herself as “The Modern Nanay,” this Pinoy Tiktok content creator’s video went viral for sharing how to keep things in a nice and neat place.

4. Joshua Garcia’s over of Lollipop by Lil Wayne

Despite the brevity of his video, Filipino actor Joshua Garcia gained millions of likes and thousands of comments for his Lollipop by Lil Wayne. His teasing caption “Call Me” added more fun to the viral video.

5. Margielyn Didal’s road to Tokyo Olympics

Pinay Olympic Skater Margielyn Didal won the hearts of not only Filipinos but also of international netizens when she posted  joint Tiktok videos with a few fellow athletes and icons in her field.

6. Arshie Larga’s paracetamol myth-busting videos

In the upsetting spread of fake news and misinformation, many experts have turned to Tiktok to fight these off. One of them is Arshie Larga, a pharmacist hailing from Marinduque. One of his most viral videos were the ones tackling paracetamol used as an antidepressant– to which he debunked, saying too much paracetamol could do harm to the body.

7. Mona Magno-Veluz aka Mighty Magulang’s history geekery

Mighty Magulang is also another warrior fighting off misconceptions related to history, particularly those related to Martial Law in the 1970’s. Many netizens find her explanations easy to digest, fact-based and very informative.

8. Dasuri Choi’s Shake that Ass x Roll Me Up dance

Tracing her popularity roots to a TV segment contest, Dasuri Choi is a constant name among trendsetters in Tiktok dances. One of her hits on the said platform is her Shake that Ass X Roll Me U dance cover.

9. Bella Poarch’s M to the B

This viral Tiktok video features the American singer lip-syncing Millie B’s M to the B. Her manner of doing so caught the attention of many netizens in the world and undeniably so in the Philippines.

10. Chel Diokno’s “It’s a Hard-Knock Life”

Intended as a clapback against a comment on how his teeth were too big, this video went viral for its subtlety and factuality. In the video, an infographic about the career achievements of Philippine Senatorial candidate Chel Diokno were flashed and how it was seen by bashers.

10 Most Viral TikTok Songs in Philippines

1. Heartbreak Anniversary

This song takes on a different perspective on commemoration. Instead of the usual celebration of a couple’s anniversary of being together, the song laments over the relationship’s end.

2. Binibining Marikit

Much as it was well-loved as a dance trend, this song is also loved as a song on its own. It blasts lyrics of adoration to a lady that the speaker is praying for to be his partner.

3. Psycho

As mentioned earlier, Red Velvet’s Psycho had an excellent reception in the Philippines. Suggesting thoughts and situations you’d find in a toxic relationship, this song mixes RnB vibes and gothic-inspired visuals.

4. Red Light, Green Light remix

Along with Squid Game’s popularity comes the popularity of one of its notorious songs. Not only was it popular as a lone track, it also went viral with different remixes that many Pinoys enjoyed creating and using as tracks on Tiktok videos.

5. Savage Love

This groovy song made its way to the 10 Most Viral TikTok Songs in Philippines since it can already be heard almost everywhere in the country– from some TV shows to houses.

6. 2002

Nostalgic with a hint of romance, Anna-Marie’s hit song 2002 had been the track for dance steps that got many Pinoys into the jam.

7. Driver’s License

This sorrowful song about a girl who finally got a driver’s license now driving past her lover’s street has been a trend in the Filipino space in Tiktok. Many Filipinos, especially teens and young adults find this song a suitable music as they share heartbreaks and mistakes they made for the person they love.

8. You Belong with Me 

This classic Taylor Swift song is often used with slow motion in videos in Tiktok viral Philippines for one-of-a-kind, stunningly beautiful personalities. The list of these people include KPop idols. The slow motion, along with this song’s “You’ve got a smile that can light up this whole town”, highlights the swooning smiles of these personalities.

9. Polaroid Love

Popularized by ENHYPEN, this song is mostly used by couples to showcase their pictures. It can also pretty much fit any feel-good videos in Tiktok.

10. Peaches 

This song by Justin Bieber has inspired many people from the west to put a “peachy” makeup on while playing this in the background. This trend has taken over many Filipina makeup enthusiasts as well.

10 Most Viral TikTok Dancing Trends in Philippines

Last but not the least, let’s check out the 10 most viral Tiktok dancing trends in the Philippines. These are the ones that had many Filipinos dancing while sending good vibes to viewers.

1. Booty Wurk

One of the videos that made videos from Tiktok viral in the Philippines is Booty Wurk. Yes, this 2011 song is spelled that way. Though the title highlights only one part of the body, this dancing trend requires arm and leg coordination as these will also have to move along with the music, too.

2. What is Love by TWICE

Many Pinoys have grooved with this Kpop hit trying to figure out what it is really like to be in love. It’s so famous that even a newly-wed couple had danced to it in their reception, and went viral, too.

3. We Found Love

Originally sung by Rihanna, this definitely deserves a spot in the most viral Tiktok Tiktok dancing trend in the Philippines. Most videos you’d find are around 10 seconds in length, all requiring some leg and arm work with a little bit of torso sways.

4. Renegade

While this song will move your whole body, it mainly requires a lot of arm work. And while you have to follow a few steps in the opening, you’ll always have a few seconds for your freestyle moves.

5. Say So 

Coming in with a quick punch and a series of hand and arm gestures, this hit by Doja Cat claimed a spot in videos from Tiktok viral Philippines. This is also well-known since unlike other most viral TikTok dancing trends in the  Philippines, you can do these with or without a partner.

6. Wannabe

With the Filipino youngsters going all out for individuality and self-love, this hit by KPop group ITZY worked its way into the interests of Pinoy Tiktok users. Although sung and performed by a girl group, flocks of men have also tried out this famous Tiktok dancing trend– especially those wanting to try out the iconic “shoulder dance” and the song’s dance break.

7. Im my feelings

Doing this dance is simple and complicated at the same time. All you have to do is dance following a few steps, all while following your car as you dance outside of it. Despite its fame, this viral Tiktok dancing trend has been labeled with caution as it is dangerous to follow this trend with Philippine road conditions considered.

8. Money

This viral Tiktok dancing trend makes its dancers feel drop dead rich with the lyrics, more so with the dance moves. Made famous by BLACKPINK’s LISA, this song and dance trend mixes EDM with hiphop.

9. Domino Lover

This dance challenge simply requires one partner whom you can do hilarious dance moves with. Be careful, though– you will need good coordination with your dance partner in executing this dance’s moves.

10. Stay

This viral dancing trend does not need a partner, and the steps allow you to stay in just one place, with just a few movements necessary. The challenge in this dancing trend is to get a skilled videographer or a drone that can capture your movements as the camera “goes around” you. The beat of this song by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber will definitely get your hips moving along with your hands.

Small Conclusion

These Tiktok viral Philippines videos prove that the Filipino creativity and curiosity knows no limits.  From visual arts to performing arts and educational contents, the list just goes on. All you have to do is search for the tags to best suit your creative preferences. Tikto k indeed has opened doors for both learning and entertainment.

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