Experience 4G Speeds with Kabayan Internet – Everything You Need to Know

Kabayan internet

Are you a domestic helper living in Hong Kong who misses staying connected with your loved ones back home? Say goodbye to the slow internet speeds and hello to 4G speeds with Kabayan Internet. In this blog, we explore everything there is to know about Kabayan Internet. From what it is and how to access it, to understanding the benefits of using Kabayan Internet in Hong Kong. We will also guide you on registering for Kabayan Internet and provide you with all the features of the CMHK Kabayan SIM Card. So why wait? Stay connected with your family and friends back home without hassle with Kabayan Internet.

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Exploring Kabayan Internet

Explore the tailored services of Kabayan Internet, addressing the specific needs of domestic helpers in Hong Kong with seamless access to local data, voice, and messaging services. The user-friendly subscription process and prepaid plans with refill bonuses make it a cost-effective solution. Manage usage effortlessly through the Kabayan Internet app for a smooth experience.

What is Kabayan Internet?

Kabayan Internet is a prepaid sim card service by CMHK, offering high-speed internet, voice, and messaging for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. It provides unlimited local data, voice, and SMS, affordable plans, easy activation, and international calling capabilities to the Philippines, Macau, Indonesia, and mainland China.

How to Access Kabayan Internet?

Accessing Kabayan Internet is hassle-free. Purchase and activate the SIM card at authorized CMHK outlets in Hong Kong, such as Topmart, without prior notice. Download the Kabayan Internet app after activation, which provides subscription details, data plans, refill options, and usage management tools. Refill the prepaid SIM card online for uninterrupted access to high-speed internet, voice, and messaging services. Enjoy immediate connectivity with a quick and straightforward activation process.

Understanding the Benefits of Kabayan Internet

Kabayan Internet ensures cost-effective and reliable internet services for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Users stay connected with their families, access local data, and enjoy unlimited local voice and messaging services. The SIM card enhances communication capabilities and includes a refill bonus for added value.

Why Kabayan Internet is Essential for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong?

Why is Kabayan Internet crucial for domestic helpers in Hong Kong? It provides access to local data, voice, and messaging services, ensuring seamless communication. With cost-effective prepaid SIM card plans, it offers refill bonuses. Experience an enhanced quality of life with unlimited local data, voice, and SMS services. Stay connected with family and manage usage through the Kabayan Internet app.

Can Kabayan Internet Improve Communication?

Kabayan Internet is a game-changer for domestic helpers in Hong Kong, as it significantly improves communication. With unlimited local data, voice, and messaging services, users can stay connected with their families and manage their communication needs seamlessly. It enhances the quality of communication by providing reliable services.

CMHK Kabayan Sim Card Features

kabayan internet
  • Unlimited local data, voice, and SMS services are offered by the CMHK Kabayan sim card.
  • Includes affordable data plans, a refill bonus, and international direct dialing (IDD) services
  • High-speed internet, local voice, data, SMS, refill bonus, and IDD services are included
  • Convenient activation, refill, and usage management options enhance the user experience, providing seamless communication.

How to Register Your Kabayan SIM Card?

1. Go to

2. Scan the QR code using your mobile device.

kabayan sim card

3. Verify your prepaid kabayan SIM card by reading ICCD automatically or getting a time passcode through SMS.

kabayan sim card

4. Capture your Original ID

kabayan sim card

5. Check and submit your registration information.

kabayan sim card

For more information on how you can register your CMHK kabayan SIM card, go to How to Register CMHK Kabayan SIM Card.

CMHK Kabayan Internet 4G Prepaid Sim Card Sale

Unlock unlimited local data, voice, and SMS with CMHK’s Kabayan Internet 4G prepaid sim card sale in Hong Kong. Enjoy cost-effective communication, refill bonuses, and quick activation for high-speed internet, voice, and messaging services. Enhance your communication with comprehensive features and immediate access.

What is Kabayan Internet?

Kabayan Internet is a feature offered by CMHK (China Mobile Hong Kong) specifically designed for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. It is a part of the prepaid SIM card package tailored to provide affordable and accessible internet services to this demographic.

What are the benefits of the Kabayan Internet?

Kabayan Internet offers various benefits such as cost-effective data plans, tailored packages to suit the needs of domestic helpers, easy top-up options, and reliable internet connectivity on the CMHK network.

How can I avail of Kabayan Internet?

To access Kabayan Internet, you can purchase a CMHK prepaid SIM card designed for domestic helpers. These SIM cards typically include the Kabayan Internet feature.

What kind of internet packages are available under Kabayan Internet?

Kabayan Internet offers different data packages with varying data allowances and validity periods. These packages are designed to cater to the diverse needs of domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

How can I top up or recharge my Kabayan Internet package?

Recharging your Kabayan Internet package can be done through various methods such as online portals, authorized retailers, mobile apps, or USSD codes provided by CMHK.

Can I use the Kabayan Internet for international browsing?

Generally, Kabayan Internet is primarily intended for domestic use within Hong Kong. International browsing may incur additional charges or may not be included in the standard package. It’s advisable to check with CMHK regarding specific international browsing options.

Is there any fair usage policy or limitations with Kabayan Internet?

Like many internet service providers, Kabayan Internet may have fair usage policies or limitations on data usage. These policies are usually outlined in the terms and conditions and may include data caps or speed reductions after a certain usage threshold.

Are there any special offers or promotions available with Kabayan Internet?

CMHK may periodically offer special promotions or discounts on Kabayan Internet packages. It’s recommended to check their official website or inquire directly with CMHK for any ongoing offers.

Is Kabayan Internet reliable for day-to-day usage?

CMHK is a reputable telecom provider in Hong Kong. Kabayan Internet, being a part of their service, generally offers reliable internet connectivity for day-to-day usage, but the experience may vary based on network coverage and other factors.

Can I use Kabayan Internet for voice calls and messaging?

Kabayan Internet primarily focuses on providing internet services, but CMHK prepaid SIM cards typically come with voice call and messaging features as well, subject to the specific package you choose.


In conclusion, Kabayan Internet offers a reliable and convenient way for domestic helpers in Hong Kong to stay connected with their loved ones back home. With its affordable rates and fast 4G speeds, Kabayan Internet ensures seamless communication and access to online resources. Whether it’s video calls, social media updates, or staying up-to-date with news and entertainment, Kabayan Internet has got you covered.

Registering for Kabayan Internet is easy, and with the features and benefits it offers, it’s a must-have for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Don’t miss out on staying connected with Kabayan Internet. Visit our website to learn more about our Kabayan Internet 4G prepaid SIM card sale and get started today.

Do you think the CMHK Kabayan SIM card is the best prepaid SIM card for domestic helpers in Hong Kong? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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