Gen Ex Cargo Review: Everything You Need to Know for Your Balikbayan Box (Hong Kong)

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Sending balikbayan boxes to your loved ones in the Philippines is a meaningful tradition for many Filipinos living overseas. It’s not just about sending gifts, but also about maintaining a connection with your roots and keeping ties with family and friends back home. When it comes to balikbayan box transportation, you want to make sure that your packages reach their destination safely and efficiently. That’s where Gen Ex Cargo comes in.

Gen Ex Cargo is a company that provides reliable, affordable, and efficient logistics services for balikbayan boxes from Hong Kong to the Philippines. In this blog post, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Gen Ex Cargo – from their services and rates to their customer support and tracking system. So whether you’re a first-time sender or a regular customer of Gen Ex Cargo, read on to discover how they can make your balikbayan box experience hassle-free!

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Gen Ex Cargo HK

Specializing in balikbayan box transportation, Gen Ex Cargo ensures reliable and efficient service. Offering shipping services from Hong Kong to the Philippines, they cater to the needs of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), guaranteeing the safe delivery of your cargo box.

The Origin of Gen Ex Cargo HK

Established in Hong Kong, Gen Ex Cargo ships balikbayan boxes globally. With years of experience, the company aims to provide convenient and affordable shipping solutions for OFWs. As one of the industry’s leading cargo service providers, Gen Ex Cargo has earned a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

Role of Gen Ex Cargo in Balikbayan Box Transportation

Gen Ex Cargo plays a vital role in the transportation of balikbayan boxes. They handle the logistics, ensuring timely delivery and taking care of customs clearance and documentation. With their expertise, your box reaches its destination hassle-free.

Gen Ex Cargo Services

Gen Ex Cargo offers a variety of services to meet your shipping needs. They provide convenient door-to-door delivery options, including sea freight, air freight, and express shipping. With regular shipment schedules, they ensure timely delivery for their customers. Choose the service that suits your budget and requirements.

Gen Ex Cargo Price

When shipping balikbayan boxes with Gen Ex Cargo, you can expect competitive rates based on the box size and destination. Additionally, they offer combo rates for customers shipping multiple boxes. These rates are transparent, with no hidden charges, allowing you to enjoy affordable shipping rates without compromising on quality.

Cargo Rates and Available Box Sizes

TypeSizeMalinaLuzon 1Luzon 2VisayasMindanaoIslands
Super Jumbo24” x 24” x 36”HK$910HK$930HK$950HK$970HK$990HK$1170
Jumbo24” x 24” x 26”HK$800HK$820HK$840HK$870HK$900HK$1070
Regular24” x 24” x 20”HK$720HK$730HK$740HK$780HK$800HK$980
Half24” x 14” x 20”HK$540HK$550HK$570HK$600HK$620HK$700
Baby24” x 12” x 12”HK$410HK$420HK$440HK$490HK$510HK$590

Gen Ex Cargo Customer Support

Gen Ex Cargo provides dedicated customer support through various communication channels like phone calls, WhatsApp, and chat support to track your box delivery status. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive, ensuring excellent service throughout.

Gen Ex Cargo HK Contact Information

Tel: +852 2343 4307 




Location: 9E, 2 Tai Yau St, San Po Kong, Hong Kong 

Gen Ex Cargo HK: How It Works?

Gen Ex Cargo HK simplifies the process of shipping balikbayan boxes. After registration and login, you can schedule box pickup, select shipping options, and track your box. With a user-friendly platform, Gen Ex Cargo HK ensures a seamless shipping experience from start to finish.

Registration and Login Process

Registering with Gen Ex Cargo HK is a straightforward and secure process.

Tracking Your Balikbayan Box

Tracking your balikbayan box is made easy with Gen Ex Cargo HK. Their user-friendly tracking system allows you to stay updated on the status of your shipment. By using the tracking number provided, you can monitor the progress of your box from pickup to delivery, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process. With real-time updates, Gen Ex Cargo HK keeps you informed every step of the way.

Gen Ex Cargo Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
1. Reliable Service 1. Limited Service Areas
2. Door-to-Door Service 2. Possibility of Additional Fees
3. Secure Packaging 3. Customer Support Challenges
4. Transparent Pricing 4. Variable Delivery Times
5. Tracking Options 5. Prohibited or Restricted Items

Products That You Can Include on Your Balikbayan Box

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Best Tips When Sending Balikbayan Box from Hong Kong to the Philippines

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Choose a reliable shipping company
  3. Check customs regulations
  4. Properly pack your items
  5. Make an itemized list
  6. Declare accurately
  7. Avoid prohibited items
  8. Label clearly
  9. Consider insurance
  10. Track the shipment
  11. Be mindful of deadlines
  12. Communicate with the recipient

Best Gen Ex Cargo Alternatives

  1. Afrieight Ltd: Potentially a cargo service provider offering shipping solutions, likely including balikbayan box services. Customers should look for reviews, service areas, and shipping options available through this company.
  2. Royal Cargo Express: Likely providing cargo and freight services, including international shipping options. Customers may need to inquire about their services, shipping routes, and reliability.
  3. ALiN Cargo Express: Potentially offering shipping services, but specific details regarding their services, destinations served, and customer feedback would need to be researched for a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Focus Forwarders: Likely a company specializing in forwarding and shipping services. Customers should explore their service offerings, such as door-to-door delivery, packaging options, and shipping times.
  5. Quickbox International Co., Limited: Potentially a cargo company providing international shipping services. Customers might need to investigate their services, rates, and the range of destinations covered.
  6. Ex Speed Logistics: Likely a logistics company offering shipping and freight services. Customers should seek information on their shipping options, reliability, and customer satisfaction ratings if available.


What is Gen Ex Cargo?

Gen Ex Cargo is a shipping and logistics company specializing in balikbayan box services. They facilitate the delivery of personal items, gifts, and packages from various countries to the Philippines and other global destinations.

What services does Gen Ex Cargo offer?

Gen Ex Cargo offers door-to-door delivery, secure packaging, and efficient shipping services for balikbayan boxes. They provide tracking options to monitor the status of shipments throughout the delivery process.

Where does Gen Ex Cargo operate?

Gen Ex Cargo operates in multiple countries, providing shipping services from these locations to various destinations worldwide, particularly catering to Filipino communities sending packages to the Philippines.

How can I track my shipment with Gen Ex Cargo?

Customers can typically track their shipments by using a tracking number provided by Gen Ex Cargo. This number allows access to their online tracking system on their website or through customer service channels.

Is Gen Ex Cargo available in Hong Kong?

Yes, Gen Ex Cargo operates in Hong Kong, offering balikbayan box shipping services to Filipinos and other expatriates residing in the region who wish to send packages to the Philippines and other global destinations.

What are the shipping options for Gen Ex Cargo in Hong Kong?

Gen Ex Cargo in Hong Kong provides door-to-door pickup, secure packaging, and efficient shipping services for balikbayan boxes, ensuring safe delivery to designated destinations.

How can I contact Gen Ex Cargo in Hong Kong?

Customers in Hong Kong can typically contact Gen Ex Cargo through their local office, phone numbers, email, or their website for inquiries, bookings, or assistance regarding shipping services.

How much does it cost to send a balikbayan box with Gen Ex Cargo?

Prices for shipping balikbayan boxes with Gen Ex Cargo can vary based on factors like box size, destination, weight, and additional services. Typically, they provide a transparent breakdown of costs upon inquiry or booking.

Are there any additional fees apart from the shipping cost?

Depending on the services required or the destination country’s regulations, there might be additional fees such as handling charges, customs duties, or insurance costs. Gen Ex Cargo usually provides clarity on additional charges beforehand.

How can I get a quote for shipping with Gen Ex Cargo?

Interested customers can generally request a quote for shipping their balikbayan box by contacting Gen Ex Cargo directly through their website, email, or phone. Providing details like box size, weight, and destination helps in obtaining an accurate quote.


In conclusion, Gen Ex Cargo offers a reliable and efficient solution for your balikbayan box needs. With their extensive experience and expertise in transportation, you can trust that your package will be handled with care. Their services are tailored to meet the needs of foreign workers, providing cost-effective options and excellent customer support. From registration to tracking, Gen Ex Cargo HK makes the entire process seamless and hassle-free. They understand the importance of your balikbayan box and strive to deliver it safely and on time. Choose Gen Ex Cargo as your trusted partner for all your balikbayan box requirements.

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