Jelly stick seamless underwear

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Fabric name: nylon/nylon

Main fabric composition: nylon/nylon

Content of main fabric components: 57.5

Lining ingredients: nylon/nylon

Content of lining ingredients: 57.5

Function: Gather, seamless, breathable, upper support, comfortable, side drawing

Style: chest pad type

Shoulder strap material: Nylon

Fabric of mould Cup: sponge

Cup type: Triangle Cup

Mold Cup type: thin mould Cup mold Cup

Shoulder strap type: fixed double-shoulder strap

Buckle type: rear four rows buckle

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Customers who fail to complete the COD order will be restricted from COD in future orders and all loyalty points will be forfeited.

2 reviews for Jelly stick seamless underwear

  1. Sinta (verified owner)

    Sangat nyaman dipakai. Selalu mengikuti bentuk badan dengan sempurna. Tidak ada garis-garis yang terlihat. Saya sangat suka!

  2. Maria (verified owner)

    This seamless underwear is amazing! It fits perfectly and feels incredibly comfortable. I love that it doesn’t show any lines under my clothes. Highly recommended!

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